art's the real deal

art is off the hook

it relates a multplicity of ideas

infinite mediums convey art

dark is absent of light

light is vision

our vision





Dupre Stairway. Spring 2000. Charcoal on archival paper.

Nude on a Chaise Lounge. Spring 2002. Oil on canvas.
Reclining Nude. Spring 2000. Charcoal and raw clay on archival paper.
Self Portrait - life. 6.11.2001. Digital graphic.
Self Portrait - Protocols. Spring 2001. Itaglio print on paper.
Self Portriat via Rembrandt. Spring 2002. Oil on canvas.
Sketchbook #1 Cover. Fall 1997. Collage on cardboard.

Sketchbook Entry 1.27.1998. Watercolor on paper.

Sketchbook Entry 1.29.1998. Acrylic on paper.
Sketchbook Entry. 1.7.1998. Ink on paper.

Sketchbook Entry. 12.14.1997. Pencil on paper (retouched.)

Sketchbook Entry. 2.28.1998. Pencil on paper.
Sketchbook Entry. 2.4.1998. Collage on paper.
Sketchbok Entry. 2.9.1998. Collage on paper.
Sketchbook Entry. Summer 1998. Pencil on Paper