A New Year and Into the Spring


It’s been a very busy past few months for me as I transition into a new job and start a new relationship. Life is moving along and I’m enjoying watching my daughters grow. Skiing season is coming to an end and softball season is starting. I’ll be posting progress pictures throughout the season.

My free time right now includes: Volunteering at the kids’ school and sports, hanging with my girlfriend, DMing a D&D5e campaign, and running /r/kbcpdx! Busy, busy!

Hope all is well with you!

Take Care,


Summer is here! Time to Jam!

Having a great time this summer! My brother and I are both single and hanging around Portland, going swimming at Sauvie’s Island, and just enjoying each other’s company. My friends and I are all enjoying the sunshine and all the the city has to offer. This mix is for you all!

Turning a Corner

Wow. What a week! I’ve turned a corner in my professional and personal life, validating all the hard work I’ve been doing to progress my career advancement and debt annihilation. I’ve been having a really good night life as well around town, so if any of you are looking for some great nightclub music to dance or get grinded on to… Check the 5+ hours of trap shit.

Dedicated to the nightcrawlers and party people of Portland:

Next stop: Austin! Heading down to the land of TexMex, cowboys, and rockabilly for the Community Broadband Summit. I’ll be meeting with executive sales and operations for all the major cable providers around the nation. What great exposure and an unprecedented opportunity. Time to get turnt up.

Spring Cleaning Time!

It’s that time of year again! I’ve been neglecting my website for a while and decided that it’s time to for a new look/direction. I’ve recently passed the 10 year mark in my career and have shifted some of my attention over the last year. For the past three months, I’ve been getting acclimated at my new job and am back working in Portland. For the first time in years, my home, work, and children’s school are all within a 4 mile radius. It doesn’t get much better than that.

My housing situation has changed recently, as I’m now living alone with my daughters. They both have their own rooms now and I just spent the last weekend building their furniture and decorating. Despite the turmoil of moving a roommate out, I’m very happy that my daughters are able to have their own space.

Spring is here in Portland, and I’m going through my life cleaning out the miscellany and crud. I’m single, working, parenting, and just making the best of my time. I hope to be more active on this site, so check back for updates about my gardening, hobbies, and work. Speaking of… I should probably get to it!

Enjoy yourselves!

Matthew AKA MaNiFeX

Clean Eating Challenge: Day 0

After almost 6 months of waiting, my girlfriend and I decided to challenge ourselves to BuzzFeed’s Clean Eating Challenge for the New Year. The gist of the challenge is to only eat cleansing and anti-inflamatory foods for two weeks. So, last night, after my little girls were asleep in bed, I snuck off to our local organic market and stocked up! An hour later and bags full of greens I’ve never purchased before, I was back at my place and ready to prep!

A table-full of organic produce, nuts, and fixings.

A table-full of organic produce, nuts, and fixings.

After unbagging, cleaning, and storing all the newly purchased foods, I am ready to start my clean eating for the next two weeks. No alcohol, no juices. Just what’s on the menu. Tomorrow’s menu: kale and banana smoothie, shaved asparagus salad, and kale, quinoa, chicken dinner. Whoa. What have I gotten into?

Cleanup on Aisle FML

As I’m starting a life anew, I’ve decided to take down much of the content of my website and leave up just this incarnation. All the old photos, games, music, etc. will be removed. If you miss any of it, just give me a hollar, and I’m happy to share.

Starting fresh. Starting from scratch. Making life work where I can.

Friday Update

Ft. Stevens Beach

Spring break week is going well for me. It started with some studio time and recording a couple of songs with my friend, Lucius. I got to spend a bunch of time with my girls and took a daytrip out to Astoria. I’m settling into my new house on Garden Home and am starting to do some yardwork/gardening and am starting to re-estabilishing my life, routines, budgets, etc. Hopefully, this spring will provide me with some solid growth!

Facebook Era Over

Facebook has gone the way of MySpace, Friendster, and Google+. I’m done with and will no longer be doing social networking online. I’ll be posting here and people are welcome to comment if they wish, but that’s about the level of interaction I’m looking for. You can probably find me hangin’ my usual spots doin’ my usual stuff. If you want to socialize, let’s do it in person and have a real experience.