Fresh Off the Plane from eBay

Vintage MX Blacks, Vintage GMK Doubleshot

Vintage MX Blacks, Vintage GMK Doubleshot

Vintage Cherry G80-1800 keyboard from eBay – $100 shipped! A real steal. The layout is a tough one to fine, especially when it has vintage Cherry doubleshot keycaps. I couldn’t wait to clean/refurbish this before posting. Probably my best find since the IBM SSK last year. Clack on!

Summer is here! Time to Jam!

Having a great time this summer! My brother and I are both single and hanging around Portland, going swimming at Sauvie’s Island, and just enjoying each other’s company. My friends and I are all enjoying the sunshine and all the the city has to offer. This mix is for you all!

Cleanup on Aisle FML

As I’m starting a life anew, I’ve decided to take down much of the content of my website and leave up just this incarnation. All the old photos, games, music, etc. will be removed. If you miss any of it, just give me a hollar, and I’m happy to share.

Starting fresh. Starting from scratch. Making life work where I can.

Friday Update

Ft. Stevens Beach

Spring break week is going well for me. It started with some studio time and recording a couple of songs with my friend, Lucius. I got to spend a bunch of time with my girls and took a daytrip out to Astoria. I’m settling into my new house on Garden Home and am starting to do some yardwork/gardening and am starting to re-estabilishing my life, routines, budgets, etc. Hopefully, this spring will provide me with some solid growth!