mike watt and the missingmen – Doug Fir, Portland OR 4/25/11

Mike Watt has been a very influential bassist to me over the years. I started listening to the minutemen when I was 15, and Mike’s bass lines, combined with the bass lines of the 1992 album “Rage Against the Machine,” swayed me to purchase a bass guitar for myself. Since then, I’ve continued to play bass in a number of bands. When I saw Mike Watt was coming to play Doug Fir, I knew I had to go see the show. It was a Monday night, none of my friends wanted to go, but I was determined. The show was amazing and I got to meet Mike afterwards and get his signature and tell him how much he influenced me. Once in a lifetime experience!



My first attempt at a jungle song… It actually turned out quite like I intended, but listening to it years later, I definitely would have changed a few things… Hmm. Maybe a remix will be on it’s way? Enjoy!

  1. I Have the Power

Tha Joint (Summer 2002 Mix)

Tha Joint mix was created the summer after I graduated college. My brain was still fried with 4 years of hardcore studying, growing up, and getting laid. I had a part time job, a computer, and some time. These were the fifteen songs me and my then fiancée were listening to all that summer. If you burn this to CD, do so without gaps between songs. Enjoy!

  1. Music Plus 1 – Cornershop
  2. Weapon of Choice – Fatboy Slim
  3. Alive – Beastie Boys
  4. Get Your Freak On _ Ugly – Missy Elliot _ Bubba Sparks
  5. What About Us – Brandy
  6. Without Me – Eminem
  7. Aww Naww – Nappy Roots
  8. McDonald’s Rap – Tai Mai Shu
  9. Long Island Wildin’ – De La Soul
  10. Multiples – Atmosphere
  11. Acapella – Young MC _ Toxicity – System of a Down
  12. Building a Religion – Cake
  13. Heavy Metal Drummer – Wilco
  14. Sexy Boy – Air
  15. Justify My Love – Madonna