Summer 2016 Update

Wow! What a busy summer this year! Most of it was spent in Portland with my daughters and girlfriend, but we have all had a chance to get away and have a break, too. The girls went to both day camp all summer and had a week away at a YMCA camp in Gresham, OR….

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A New Year and Into the Spring

It’s been a very busy past few months for me as I transition into a new job and start a new relationship. Life is moving along and I’m enjoying watching my daughters grow. Skiing season is coming to an end and softball season is starting. I’ll be posting progress pictures throughout the season. My free…

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Turning a Corner

Wow. What a week! I’ve turned a corner in my professional and personal life, validating all the hard work I’ve been doing to progress my career advancement and debt annihilation. I’ve been having a really good night life as well around town, so if any of you are looking for some great nightclub music to…

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Spring Cleaning Time!

It’s that time of year again! I’ve been neglecting my website for a while and decided that it’s time to for a new look/direction. I’ve recently passed the 10 year mark in my career and have shifted some of my attention over the last year. For the past three months, I’ve been getting acclimated at…

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Facebook Era Over

Facebook has gone the way of MySpace, Friendster, and Google+. I’m done with and will no longer be doing social networking online. I’ll be posting here and people are welcome to comment if they wish, but that’s about the level of interaction I’m looking for. You can probably find me hangin’ my usual spots doin’…

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Hello again, all!  2010 has been a crazy year for me.  Plenty of turmoil, data loss, and just general weird happenings.  I’m in the process of fixing up again.  Still using WordPress, which I love as a dynamic website environment.  Most of the pages here are stubs, so bear with me as I update…

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