Spontaneous Ink

Last night, my wife and I were out and about on the town and she proposed we stop by her friend’s new tattoo shop in Portland to spec out her new tattoo. Lo and behold, there was a seat open, and I asked about walk-ins. I ended up getting the tattoo to the right in memory of my Aunt Eleanor, who passed recently. Jacob Neumann of Sovereign Tattoo did the work in about an hour and a half. He did an amazing job combining traditional Americana tattoo elements to help symbolize the life of my great aunt.

I’m stoked to have met a couple tattoo artists new to town. Hawk Chaite of 932 Tattoo (Bend, OR) recently opened Sovereign Tattoo on SE Division street. One of the many new Divsion/Clinton businesses popping up in the neighborhood. It made my night to meet some great guys and get a sick tattoo. That and finishing up the night at The Dancing Bare with my rad wife.

XXX Malt Liquor

My attempt at a very high alcohol content “light” beer. It turned out to be more like a barley wine, but I left it in secondary a long time. Inspired by my 30th birthday, I wanted a very alcoholic beer to help me into my 30 somethings.

Very similar to a barley wine. Strong malt tones, sweet, and very warm on the tongue. One 22oz gets you warm and toasty.

Dirty Man Old Ale

Brewed for my 30th birthday, Dirty Man Old Ale is my first attempt at a higher alcohol content style. Old ales have always been a favorite, so I thought I would give it a shot. My wife preferred the name Dirty Old Man Ale, but since it’s an Old Ale, I thought I would give the saying a twist.

Sweet and balanced. Rich, strong, and complex earthy tones of both hops and malts. Long finish, leaving the tongue tingly warm from the high alcohol content.

Love Potion Pale Ale

Brewed during the end of raspberry season and during a time in my life where there was a _lot_ of love going around. My experiment with fresh fruit in the secondary imparted a lot of scent and a little tartness, it also made for over carbonated bottles. That being said, the result was great, nice taste, great pink color. If I brew again with raspberries, I’d drop them in at the last five minutes of the boil instead.

Crisp, tart, solid hop flavor with a nice clean finish, leaving a hint of raspberry flavor in the decay. Very tasty. I was afraid of the tart raspberry flavor conflicting with my hop choice, but it worked out really well.

Xtra Pale Ale

The XPA is my response the Black IPA style that is very popular in the Portland microbreweries right now. It has lighter malts than a standard IPA yet still retains the same amount of hops. Crisp, light in the mouth, finishes very hoppy and fresh. Great for a hot summer day.

Brass Monkey Belgian

My idea for the Brass Monkey Belgian originated from the Beastie Boys song “Brass Monkey.” The original Brass Monkey is made by drinking a 40oz. of your favorite malt liquor to the top of the label, then filling the bottle up with orange juice. Sweet, right?!?!?

The Brass Monkey Belgian was my entry into the Oregon Brewer’s Association’s “Portland Cheers for Belgian Beers” Competition on May 1st, 2010 at the Hopworks Urban Brewery in Portland, OR. It did well and was reviewed well. Both judges rated my ale a 35/50. Points mostly taken off for not following protocols. I know next time!

Lesson learned from the saison yeast, it gets flocculates like gangbusters. Next time, I’ll be keeping this one in the primary a bit longer. Still tastes great!

Mr. Binger’s Ale of Ginger

Mr. Binger’s is my first attempt at a Ginger Ale. I used a lot of ginger because I like a strong ginger flavor. Using brown and cane sugar gives the ale a cider like carbonation quality. Definitely a crowd pleaser. Enjoy!

Pipe Weed Pale Ale

Pipe Weed Pale Ale is my first attempt at brewing with marijuana. I got a bum bag and decided rather than smoke some subpar weed, I could just brew it into some beer.

Interesting flavor. Definitely a Pale Ale, but there is a earthy flavor and herbal quality added by the marijuana. The first time I drank this, it knocked me on my ass. It’s got a nice high alcohol content and goes down smooth. Almost like the Reflecting Pool Pale with the added flavors from the weed.

Reflecting Pool Pale Ale

Reflecting Pool Pale Ale

Reflecting Pool Pale Ale is my attempt at a clone of Mirror Pond Pale Ale by Deschutes Brewery. This recipe is dedicated to my brother-in-law Kirk Brohman. It’s his favorite brew.

Very close to the original. Tasty, well rounded malt flavors, and just enough hops to keep me interested. The finish is clean and floral. One of my best brews yet!

Czech Your Head Lager

Czech Your Head Lager

Based off of a Pilsner Urquell clone and real crowd pleaser. There’s definitely going to be a second incarnation of this! Bright, clean, fresh taste. Very clear with a tight white head. The colder served the better. Great with spicy, tomato based, and full flavored dishes.