Since ’96 is my place on the internet. It’s been through many incarnations in the last 20 years from hand-coded HTML/CSS, to iWeb, to WordPress, it’s current state. I use to exhibit me, my interests, hobbies, skills, and creations. In the past I’ve posted artwork, home-brew recipes, personal photos, and a whole lot of other memorabilia. Due to privacy concerns for me and my daughters, I don’t post anything too personal. You might see photos from a kid’s game or a trip to the zoo, but don’t expect me to gossip about my kids teachers or anything. 😉

Enjoy my little corner of the ‘net, it’s an easy way to get to know me! If you feel like getting ahold of me personally, leave a comment on a post, find me on reddit, geek, or e-mail me at: matthew :dot: t :dot: west :at: yahoo :dot: com.

Yours Truly,

Matthew West AKA ‘MaNiFeX’