Clean Eating Challenge: Day 0

After almost 6 months of waiting, my girlfriend and I decided to challenge ourselves to BuzzFeed’s Clean Eating Challenge for the New Year. The gist of the challenge is to only eat cleansing and anti-inflamatory foods for two weeks. So, last night, after my little girls were asleep in bed, I snuck off to our local organic market and stocked up! An hour later and bags full of greens I’ve never purchased before, I was back at my place and ready to prep!

A table-full of organic produce, nuts, and fixings.

A table-full of organic produce, nuts, and fixings.

After unbagging, cleaning, and storing all the newly purchased foods, I am ready to start my clean eating for the next two weeks. No alcohol, no juices. Just what’s on the menu. Tomorrow’s menu: kale and banana smoothie, shaved asparagus salad, and kale, quinoa, chicken dinner. Whoa. What have I gotten into?

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