mike watt and the missingmen – Doug Fir, Portland OR 4/25/11

Mike Watt has been a very influential bassist to me over the years. I started listening to the minutemen when I was 15, and Mike’s bass lines, combined with the bass lines of the 1992 album “Rage Against the Machine,” swayed me to purchase a bass guitar for myself. Since then, I’ve continued to play bass in a number of bands. When I saw Mike Watt was coming to play Doug Fir, I knew I had to go see the show. It was a Monday night, none of my friends wanted to go, but I was determined. The show was amazing and I got to meet Mike afterwards and get his signature and tell him how much he influenced me. Once in a lifetime experience!


One thought on “mike watt and the missingmen – Doug Fir, Portland OR 4/25/11

  1. Mike Watt Forever! Thank you for getting him to talk about his favourite records, I can now go off and love him just that extra bit more.


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