Last night, my wife and I were out and about on the town and she proposed we stop by her friend’s new tattoo shop in Portland to spec out her new tattoo. Lo and behold, there was a seat open, and I asked about walk-ins. I ended up getting the tattoo to the right in memory of my Aunt Eleanor, who passed recently. Jacob Neumann of Sovereign Tattoo did the work in about an hour and a half. He did an amazing job combining traditional Americana tattoo elements to help symbolize the life of my great aunt.

I’m stoked to have met a couple tattoo artists new to town. Hawk Chaite of 932 Tattoo (Bend, OR) recently opened Sovereign Tattoo on SE Division street. One of the many new Divsion/Clinton businesses popping up in the neighborhood. It made my night to meet some great guys and get a sick tattoo. That and finishing up the night at The Dancing Bare with my rad wife.

Matthew Portland, OR

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