Brass Monkey Belgian

My idea for the Brass Monkey Belgian originated from the Beastie Boys song “Brass Monkey.” The original Brass Monkey is made by drinking a 40oz. of your favorite malt liquor to the top of the label, then filling the bottle up with orange juice. Sweet, right?!?!?

The Brass Monkey Belgian was my entry into the Oregon Brewer’s Association’s “Portland Cheers for Belgian Beers” Competition on May 1st, 2010 at the Hopworks Urban Brewery in Portland, OR. It did well and was reviewed well. Both judges rated my ale a 35/50. Points mostly taken off for not following protocols. I know next time!

Lesson learned from the saison yeast, it gets flocculates like gangbusters. Next time, I’ll be keeping this one in the primary a bit longer. Still tastes great!

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